Chhoun Sopheak

I like drawing since i was a child. Drawing make me happy and forget all the bad things in life. I have strange habbit than other, I like countryside song and i also play guitar. I believe that Cambodain can compete and show the work into international Stage. Future, I want to help people that love this major to learn more and believe themself that they can do it.

Vorn Sovichea

I’m an Architect with years of experience. My work mostly focus on enviroment, nature and low costing also feel comfort with it. Also, i’m a photographer that capture the landscap view and architecture building. I spen my freetime to watch movie and go to trip aventure with my friend.

Kong Punlue

Hi! my name Punlue and i am an architect. I like desing exterior, interior and lanscap. Invent a new thing and handwork in my favorite thing. I spend my freetime watching tecnology, feeding animal, listen to music and go to gym.

Loy Phiron

I love graphic design, architecture design, and fashion design. I am a quiet person who love listening to music, playing guitar and having innovative ideas. I am also a singer and dancer. I also wish that all kinds of arts in Cambodia could be developed as other modern countries.

Somern Nimol

Hello! my name is Nimol. I just graduate from accountant major. I am one part of the campany to manage internal stuff such as accountant and Admin work, in freetime i like listent to music, singing, learning new things and riding out of the town with my friend.